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Indoor Farmers’ Market Saturday January 13th

We’re a year round market:

Our Indoor Farmers’ Market will begin on January 13th from 9-1, upstairs on the mezzanine! Our indoor market is in its’ third year and we are so happy to be supporting local farmers year round. At our farmers’ market we also have free cooking classes and live music. The first cooking class in the series is with Chef Paul Paschink from 11-12, and our live music will be 10-12 with Gary McGill.

Who will be at the Farmers’ Market:

Blanbrook Bison: Blanbrook Bison Farm is 100 acres owned and operated by Bruce and Shirley Mills of RR6 St Marys. They are one of the original vendors at the Covent Garden Farmer’s Market since it opened in 2000. Bruce and Shirley have been in the bison business for over 20 years. The animals graze on pasture and are fed hay in the winter. The butcher animals are given oats and barley on a daily basis. No growth hormones or steroids are used on the animals. Bison meat is sweeter than beef, high in iron and protein, and lower in fat and cholesterol. All of the meat is boneless and vacuumed sealed.

Dave’s Beef and Lamb: Dave has been raising lamb since 1979 and beef since 2002. The finished product is raised with farm grown feed with no added hormones or antibiotics. All product is processed and inspected at a provincial abattoir. Dave is known for a consistent, lean and flavourful product.

Morsels: Morsels has tasty appetizers and savoury tarts, including sweet potato with caramelized onions and feta cheese in a teff crust, lovely quiche style corn and tomato tart, tasty cheese and zucchini tarts. Lorraine surprises us each week with something new, using locally sourced ingredients!

Pillitteri Estate Winery: Since arriving in Niagara on the Lake, Canada in 1948, the Pillitteri family has been committed to creating a legacy for generations to follow. Now, over six decades later, Pillitteri Estates Winery proudly continues a family tradition of viticulture and winemaking excellence. With three generations actively involved with our winery’s operations, we can truly say that each bottle of wine we make is a product of our family’s passion.

Great Lakes Goat Dairy: Dave and Michele both come from deep family roots in dairy farming!Both went to agricultural college and actually met on the dairy farm that Dave worked at! They loved working together on the farm and taking care of the animals and eventually married. They now have 4 children and decided to start a farm of their own milking goats in 2005. They still have a passion today for raising and milking the goats and the lifestyle that this provides. Looking to be a part of their milk from start to finish, Dave and Michele joined Great Lakes Goat Dairy to brighten their future and love being able to say that this is their cheese.


La houlette de vie: Based out of Orchard Hill Farm, near Sparta, Seth Wiggin bakes naturally fermented, wood-fired bread and croissants, using farm grown & milled flour and organic ingredients.

Tru Green Organics: Tru-Green Organics is a lifestyle brand hand made in London Ontario Canada, sourced from the best all natural ingredients found locally or in Canada to the best of Bee’s ability. Bee has been making her own skin care products for nearly 18 years and has now made them available for sale. Her skin care is all natural, fair trade, vegan, organic and cruelty free!

Sun gold: Operating on less than one acre and guided by the principles of bio-intensive, ecological production, Andrew grows a range of seasonal produce and herbs.

Sweet! Brigadeiros: Brigadeiro (bree-gah-day-ro) is a traditional Brazilian delicacy. They are an essential element at every party and celebration in Brazil. Brigadeiro is Portuguese for ‘brigadier’. Legend has it that these delicacies were used as fundraisers for the 1940 presidential campaign of Brigadeiro Eduardo Gomes. He lost the election but Brazil won its most beloved sweet, the “Brigadier’s favourite”.


Spring House Garlic: Spring House Garlic is a small family owned project that specializes in growing garlic . We started growing garlic in very small quantities in 2012 and have built up our inventory of gourmet garlic over the years.

Greystead Gardens: New farmers Dave and Dominga use sustainable practices on their small farm! A large variety of products including herbs, greens, root vegetables and more!

Alton Estate Winery: The pioneer estate winery and vineyard in Ontario’s newest emerging wine region, Huron Shores. Established in 2005, we hand craft all our wines, and use sustainable practices in our vineyard and our winery.

Boho Bakeshop: Boho Bake Shop began from an enthusiasm for health & wellness and a passion for great food. What started as a passion has grown into a full lifestyle brand. We’ve created a variety of products, all handcrafted and made with only the highest quality ingredients. Our focus is on flavour, quality, and using pure ingredients. Boho Bakeshop will have doughnuts, ginger cookies, brownies, peanut butter cookies and weekly features!

Gonzo Chefs: Chef Christie creates individual frozen meals with local, sustainable ingredients. Delicious meals such as hemp seed crust pizza, soups, butternut squash barley risotto and more! Gonzo Chef’s meals change weekly.

Home Harmony: Seasonal preserves such as jams, chutneys, marmalades, hot sauces and conserves. Pickled vegetables and fermented vegetables such as kimchi and sauerkraut. Dehydrated fruits, vegetables crackers and smoked jerky.

See you January 13th at our market!

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