Outdoor Market

Outdoor market

The Covent Garden Farmers’ Market offers wonderfully fresh, friendly and local food to you twice a week outside on the square from May to December.

Outdoor Farmers’ Market

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Outdoor Farmers’ Market

Open May through to December, Thursdays 8:00AM-2:00PM and Saturdays 8:00AM-1:00PM

Eat local in the heart of London! Share the passion for locally-grown food direct from local farmers, growers and producers. The vendors selling at the Farmers’ Market “grow it, raise it, bake it, or make it”! For current news, recipes and seasonal information about our farmers’ market sign up for our weekly newsletter! Sign up on our HOME page!

We have some wonderful friends in our community! Find out more here!

Lucky us! We have many certified organic vendors at our market. Do  you have questions about what organic means? Here are some answers!

Are you interested in becoming a vendor at our market? Download the  2015 Vendor Application Form  and our Vendors Handbook  for more information. Email farmers’ market manager Christine Scheer with any questions you may have! farmersmarket@coventmarket.com

Musicians! Are you interested in being part of our scheduled music line-up? Email farmers’ market manager Christine Scheer to get the details! farmersmarket@coventmarket.com

Are you interested in volunteering at our farmers’ market? We’d love to meet you! Please email Christine Scheer: farmersmarket@coventmarket.com

Our Farmers

The MyPick® verification program grew out of a real need. Shoppers at Ontario farmers’ markets often thought they were buying directly from local farmers when in fact they were buying from resellers. They had no way of knowing which vendors were which Now they do, thanks to the MyPick® verification program from Farmers’ Markets Ontario®. Now, when you see a vendor displaying a MyPick® sign, you can be sure you’re getting just–picked freshness from the grower’s own farm, and are helping support local agriculture. http://www.farmersmarketsontario.com/mypick/


Owners: Steve and Linda VandenBorre

Contact: steve@applemeadow.com

When at market: September and October

 Steve and Linda VandenBorre’s farm has been in the family for forty-six years, bought originally by Steve’s parents, who immigrated from Belgium in 1956. Burgessville was one of the leading Apple districts of Canada due to the Apple Co-operative and Allen Vinegar works! The VandenBorres have been attending Covent Garden farmers’ market for ten years, starting the year after the market opened. They sell a wide range of certified organic vegetables.

vandenborres Nov 2012


Owners: Bruce & Shirley Mills

Contact: blanbrook@quadro.net Like them on facebook! www.facebook.com/BlanbrookBisonFarm

When at market: May to December

Blanbrook Bison Farm is 100 acres owned and operated by Bruce and Shirley Mills of RR6 St Marys.  They are one of the original vendors at the Covent Garden Farmer’s Market since it opened in 2000. Bruce and Shirley have been in the bison business for 21 years.  The first truck load of 13 animals arrived on May 1, 1992. Their herd has since grown to 96 animals.  The animals graze on pasture and are fed hay in the winter. The butcher animals are given oats and barley on a daily basis.  No growth hormones or steroids are used on the animals. Bison meat is sweeter than beef without the gamey taste.  It is high in iron and protein and lower in fat and cholesterol.  They sell frozen bison meat and fresh, when available. They  carry a wide assortment of cuts such as ground, burgers, steaks, roasts and sausage. All of the meat is boneless and vacuumed sealed.

My Pick mini


Owner: Teresa Murray


When at market: July

Spray-free blueberries are wildly popular at our market, so come early during blueberry season to get yours!

Aug 2 bluberries

My Pick mini


Owners: Kim and Dave Vegso

Contact: 519-245-3666

When at market: July to September

The Corn Crib’s yellow corn is a huge hit!

UH market sept 18 corn crib

                                                                                                       My Pick mini    DAVE’S  BEEF & LAMB

Owners: Dave and Mary DeKay

Contact: dmdekay@isp.ca

When at market: May to December

Dave Dekay runs a mixed farm just outside the city limits. He has been raising lambs for 32 years, and beef cattle for almost 10 years. Dave is committed to raising lean, flavourful meat that meets his customers’ expectations.



Owner: John Wilson

Contact: dolwayorganicgarden@sympatico.ca

When at Market: May to November

John  grows an extensive variety of certified organic vegetables and herbs that are sold across southwestern Ontario. Well known for his delicious ‘bloomsdale’ spinach, tasty rhubarb, crunchy carrots, and garlic,  John adds new products every year to keep everybody on their toes. Check out their farm blog! www.dolwayorganicgarden.com

oct 26 purple carrots


Owner: Rick Cornelissen

Contact: ecologic2001@gmail.com

When at Market: May to December

Rick, a certified horticulturalist, started Eco Logic in 2001, and has been at the Covent Garden Farmers’ market since then. He has 9 greenhouses and cold-frames where he grows a variety of vegetables, and nursery stock. He also does landscape design and installation, and during the winter months has a vegetable delivery program. Rick grows Christmas trees and produces Christmas decorations, and propagates rare and native Carolinian seedlings. Eco Logic is a popular stop at our farmers’ market with their wide range of product.

eggplant assorted mini


Owners: Dave & Joy Westelaken

Contact: empire@amtelecom.net

When at market: late May to November and December with wreaths

Empire Valley Farm is owned and operated by the Westelaken family. They have been farming since 1985, with their on-farm market built in 1993. They expanded into the greenhouse in 2003. Their on-farm market, is open until the end of October with their fresh, home grown seasonal produce. check out their website: www.empirevalleyfarms.co



Owner: Tara Ott

Contact: info@feedyourbody.ca

When at market: May to October

 Tara focus’ on raw, vegan and gluten free foods. Feed Your Body has become a popular stop  at our market. Check out their website and blog!www.feedyourbody.ca       http://feedyourbody-taraott.blogspot.ca



Contact: 519-679-9998

FieldGate Organics has been part of the indoor market since 2000. As of today they have 39 certified organic members, and strive to carry as much local product as possible. They are outside every Saturday offering up delicious samples of their products. www.fieldgateorganics.com


Owners: Janis and Mark Harris

Contact: Janisandmarkharris@hotmail.com

When at market:  July to early September

The Harris Family has beautiful fresh sunflower bouquets and glads. harris sunflowers July 4  


My Pick mini    HOWE FARMS

Owner: Monica Howe

Contact: monica.howe@hotmail.com

When at market: mid June to mid July

This is the place to go for your local strawberries. They pick them fresh in the morning before the market opens. Their strawberries are a real treat.

howe strawberries june 9


Owner: Bruno Bertucci


When at market: May to December

International Bakery has been baking fresh breads, rolls, cookies, muffins, and cakes for more than 50 years. A family run business, International Bakery has been a fixture in the Covent Garden Market for many years. International Bakery joins us outside with their Artisan breads.


Owner: Raymond Janssen’s

Contact: 519-289-2499

When at market: Thursdays, July to December

Ray has been coming to our farmers’ market since it started in 2000. He sells a wide variety of apples, strawberries, and many more local vegetables and fruit.


Owners: Mike and Heather Joyce

Contact: heatherjoyce45@hotmail.com

When at Market: June to October

Joyce farms is a popular vendor with a wide selection of locally grown vegetables and fruits.


Owner: Kara Muller

Contact: jezebelsoaps@gmail.com

When at market: May to October

Hand-made soaps, skincare products, and bath products. All made with natural ingredients.

May 10 soap


Owner: Pam Rogers

Contact; pakokku@yahoo.ca

Certified organic vegetables, sprouts, salad mixes, herbs, apples, pears, rhubarb, cranberries, hand-made tofu, hummus, and more!

June 7 organic sprouts


Owner: Linda Powell

Contact: powell@xcelon.ca

When at market: September and October

Locally grown tree nuts, chestnuts, walnuts. Sample their roasted chestnuts!

Chestnuts at Keyser Grove Nut Orchard

Chestnuts at Keyser Grove Nut Orchard





My Pick mini  LYNCH FARMS

Owners: Lorraine & Hugh Lynch

Contact: lorrainelynch@sympatico.ca

When at market: May to December

Lynch Farms has been coming to the outdoor Farmers Market for ten years with their maple products and preserves. What’s more Canadian than maple syrup? Hugh and Lorraine have a wonderful selection of not only maple syrup, but also maple butter, maple candies, and home-made preserves. This year Lorraine is adding Asian maple salad dressing to her product line.



Owner: Dee Biggar

Contact: deebiggar@rogers.com

Dee Biggar has been at the Farmers’ Market with her irresistible squares, butter tarts, and muffins, since it opened. She bakes with real, honest ingredients, no preservatives, additives or fillers. The past few years Dee has had an increasing interest in gluten free and ‘healthier’ baking. She is always experimenting with new recipes and new ideas for her market stall. Pick up a loyalty card which is for customers who bring their own reusable containers. Great idea!


Owners: Ben Driscoll and Crystal Whyte and Brian and Kerri Whyt

e contact: driwhyte@tcc.on.ca

When at market: September to October

McClymont Century Orchards has been growing apples on the same farm since 1845.  They are sixth generation apple farmers.  The family farm is located 2km south of Varna on the Parr line.  They have 24 varieties of apples,  13 of which are heritage.  Bartlett and bosc pears, and a few plums.  They will have  MacIntosh,  Cortland, Spartan, St. Lawerance, Snow, King, Empire, Red Delicious,  Crispin, Sweet Tomlin, Wolf River, and Northern Spy, available at different times this fall.

Sept 21 apples


Owner: Ruth Klahsen

Contact: info@monforedairy.com

When at market: May to December

“At Monforte, we’re convinced the small things do indeed make a difference, that agriculture is best practiced on a human scale, and that our cheeses, each in its own quiet way, reflect something a little deeper than the technology behind mass manufactured food—a little of the poetry and passion of life itself.” Ruth Klahsen is the owner/lead cheesemaker of Monforte.  She was a graduate of the inaugural class of ‘83 at the Stratford Chefs School. Some of the cheeses at Monforte include feta, halloumi, pecorino fresco, and toscano from sheeps’ milk; and chevre, crème fraiche and ricotta from goats’ milk. Try some this Saturday!



Owner: Lorraine Jaikaran

When at market: May to December

Morsels has tasty appetizers and savoury tarts, including sweet potato with caramelized onions and feta cheese in a teff crust, lovely quiche style corn and tomato tart, tasty cheese and zucchini tarts. Lorraine surprises us each week with something new, using locally sourced ingredients!

July 12 morsels




Owners: Lyle, Teresa, and Johannes Renecker

Contact: renecker.farm@quadro.net

When at market: June to September

The Reneckers  offer a varied selection of grass fed elk meat products weekly.  The elk are raised on “Renecker’s Palace Hillside Farm”, a 100 acre farm located outside of Stratford, Ontario.  The farm has been handed down, father to son, since 1880, thus making Johannes the 5th consecutive generation to work the land and raise livestock. Elk meat is naturally lean  and higher in protein, B vitamins, and iron than the comparable cut of beef.  Because elk is a very fine-grained lean meat, it cooks in about ½ the time that beef does. The Reneckers work with chef  Peter Dufferin who takes their product home to his kitchen (just like yours) and develops recipes and cooking ideas. The Reneckers don’t use antibiotics, growth stimulants or other drugs in the raising of their elk.  These are truly pasture-raised animals and the Reneckers raise all the feed the elk consume on their farm.  Since elk are native to North America, they are truly an environmentally friendly meat option. Producing a native species, the elk, and working with the animals natural and innate behavior allows the Reneckers to produce what they feel is a truly eco-friendly and sustainable product for local consumption.


Owner: Robert Matthews

Contact: rtmatthews@rogers.com

When at market: End of June to end of September

Roma Produce has been at our farmers’  market for several years with their excellent selection of cherry tomatoes and other produce.

Aug 3 veg



Owner: Glenda Smith

Contact: 519-434-9643

Smith Cheese has more than 220 varieties of cheese to choose from. Local is their specialty! Every Saturday Smith Cheese partners with Fieldgate Orgnaics and serve up some scrumptious samples at our outdoor market.   


Owner: Antony John

Contact: johnfam@quadro.net

When at market: May to December

After an early childhood in Wales spent exploring the countryside, Antony moved to Ontario with his family at the age of ten. He obtained a degree in Wildlife Biology from the University of Guelph, and then moved to Sebringville, Ontario, with his wife Tina, to work on his father-in-law’s dairy farm. In 1995, he and Tina, after buying her parents’ second farm, formed Soiled Reputation, which is certified organic fields and greenhouses that supply gourmet greens and heirloom vegetables to restaurants, markets, and homes in southwestern Ontario and the General Toronto Area. You may have heard of Antony before, because in 2001, Antony and Tina had their farm showcased as hosts of “The Manic Organic” on Canada’s Food Network and House and Garden TV. The show was subsequently sold to over 50 countries around the world, including the Discovery Home Channel in the U.S. Anyone who loves their organics should check out the Soiled Reputation website  (www.soiledreputation.com) to learn about awesome initiatives like “homey bags”, merchandise, and more.

 Sept 21 soiled rep


Owner: Moray Tawse

When at Market: May to October

VQA wines – Organic/biodynamic wines from estate grown grapes


Owner: Danielle DiPinto

Contact: 519-850-7619

When at market: May to December

“Tiramisu” means “pick me up”, which is what Danielle’s flaky scones and melt-in-your-mouth baking does for you! Danielle is a wildly popular stop for our market customers. Come early because she sells out fast!


Heritage tomato plants Owner:Mark Paterson

Contact: thetomatopatchlondon@gmail.com

When at market: May-June

May 17 tomato patch


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