Covent Garden Market has a variety of retail and public space that can be reserved for a variety of activities. Whether you are looking for a long term merchant opportunity or a special event. The market has a variety of locations available.


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Permanent Space

Indoor Main Level Stalls
Stalls range from 170 to 3,000 square feet with an average of 400 square feet. Average base rent on the main level is $8 per square foot per annum. CAM is approximately $21.13 per square foot per year.

Mezzanine Stalls: Stalls range in size from 120 to 3,500 square feet. Rent ranges from $7 to $10 per square foot per annum depending on non-profit and other status. CAM is approximately $9.02 per square foot per year.
For more information about permanent space opportunities, contact Bob Usher at or phone 519 439-3921 ext. 225.

Facility Event Rental

Market Hall: The Market Hall includes the westerly portion of the Covent Garden Market mezzanine level. Maximum capacity in Market Hall is 350 persons.
For more information on the Market Hall, contact Amy Shackleton at or at 519-439-3921 ext. 221.

Labatt Lounge: The Labatt Lounge is on the south end of the second level of Covent Garden Market and has a maximum capacity of 80 persons. The Labatt Lounge is in recognition of the generous sponsorship by Labatt Breweries. For more information on the Labatt Lounge rental, contact Amy Shackleton at or at 519-439-3921 ext. 221.

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Market Kitchen: Located on the second level of Covent Garden Market. The maximum capacity is 30 persons. For more information on the Market Kitchen rental, contact Amy Shackleton at or at 519-439-3921 ext. 221.

Market Kitchen

Market Square: Located to the west of the Market building. 30,000 square feet. The square (but not the rink, when in season) is available for rental as long as the proposed use does not disrupt regular Market programming nor block public access to the Market’s main entrance from Talbot Street. Rental fees are negotiated, taking into consideration the type of use and the type of support required of the Market for the event.
For more information on booking the Market Square, contact Amy Shackleton at or at 519-439-3921 ext. 221.

Facility Rental Agreement: In order to confirm your booking for any of the above facilities (Market Hall, Labatt Lounge, Market Kitchen or Market Square), you must read, complete and submit a copy of our Facility Rental Agreement to Amy Shackleton. Download a PDF of the rental agreement here: FACILITY RENTAL AGREEMENT

Outdoor Farmers’ Market

Held two times a week, the Outdoor Farmers’ Market at Covent Garden Market welcomes producer-based vendors. Because the intent of this market is to offer a diversity of fresh produce to customers, the market is producer based; and only applicants offering goods for sale which they have produced themselves are considered. Resellers and peddlers are not permitted. The Farmers’ Market operates Thursdays and Saturdays from 8 am to 1 pm from May to December on Market Square.
For more information on the Outdoor Farmers’ Market, contact Christine Scheer at or at 519 439-3921 ext. 229, or download PDF files of the 2016 Vendor Application Form and the Vendors Handbook 2016. To get an understanding about the farmers’ market, please read What should aspiring vendors consider when applying to the market  before you apply.

Temporary Space/day Program

Market Day-Vendor Program: Products accepted under this program include: art, jewellery, crafts and specialty products. All crafts must be home made and are subject to approval. Table rentals start from $35 a day.
For more information on temporary space rental, contact Tanya or download a PDF of the agreement: DayVendorApp.pdf. download a PDF the Policy: Day Vendor Application

Short-term Rental Community Booth: Covent Garden Market makes available a community booth to allow for the promotion/sale of products by not-for-profit organizations, associations, groups, foundations, service clubs, charities, or groups affiliated with charities. For more information on short-term rental, contact Tanya Riess: or download a PDF of the agreement here: community booth application


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