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Saturday March 18, Happy Farmers’ Market Day!


Continue your St. Patrick’s Day green celebrations at our market by:
LIVING GREEN – our farmers provide fresh, local food to a growing number of shoppers demanding food that is not only healthy, but environmentally friendly. Read more!

EATING GREEN– get more fresh veggies in your diet by supporting local farms – Ten servings of vegetables and fruit is the optimal number you should be striving for. Read more!

THINKING GREEN – our farmers’ market is a great way to put your ‘green’ mentality into action! You will notice that packaging is minimally used at most if not all vendors, you are encouraged to pack your market finds into reusable bags. Thinking green leads to acting green! Read more! 

To see who is going to be at our farmers’ market this week, click here!
10am – noon: Switch from thinking GREEN, to listening to BLUE – bluegrass music that is, with The Standard Issue String Band.

10am – 1pm: downstairs at centre court, chef Helen is dishing up some GREEN– samples that is, of Glenda’s Spinach & 5 cheese dip and spinach & artichoke dip.
11am – noon: Chef Christie Masse is demonstrating gorgeous caramelized local apple and blueberry cobbler. It’s purple. Get the recipe here!

Thanks for shopping at our market!

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